Our Team

Don Durand | Managing Partner


With a career spanning multiple industries, continents, and in both the private business and military sectors, Don Durand specializes in helping teams elevate their ability to execute strategy, deliver project objectives, and overcome obstacles to their success. He works with a range of business functions and levels, including executive leadership and unions. His clients refer to him as a corporate locksmith, helping them open the doors to greater achievement.

Before moving to the private sector, Don was a combat engineer officer in the Canadian Army and the British Army for twelve years. He led operations during the Balkans crisis in the mid-nineties and in Kuwait in the aftermath of the first Gulf War. Since then, he’s built public transit in Cameroon, renewable energy projects in Liberia, and taught graduate level courses at Simon Fraser University. Most recently, Don spent four years at Insigniam, an international management consulting firm, where he served as a partner and driver of Insigniam's Canadian practice. Alongside his current role at Viewscape, Don is a Certified Forum Chair with MacKay CEO Forums, where he facilitates a group of high-powered executives.

When he is not travelling with his wife and three kids, Don can be found exploring the North Shore backcountry and beyond. 

Don holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Royal Military College.

Daniel Shapiro (PhD) | Director of Strategy


Daniel is a Professor of Global Business Strategy, Co-Editor of the Multinational Business Review, and Co-Director of the Jack Austin Centre of Asia Pacific Business Studies. With over forty years as an educator, researcher, and academic administrator, Daniel most recently was Dean of the Beedie School of Business, where he successfully developed a strategic position for the school, and helped raised the money to name it. 

Daniel  has designed and delivered executive programs to managers in the private and public sectors, both in Canada and abroad (including Russia, Guyana, Indonesia, and China). He has served as a consultant to various national and international organizations, providing advice on business strategy, foreign investments, mergers, and competition policy. 

As an award-winning academic, he has published five books and monographs and some 100 scholarly articles on international business and strategy. His articles have been cited over 8,000 times, and in both 1995 and 2002 Daniel was awarded the TD Canada Trust Teaching Award.

Brett Trainor | Engagement Manager & Consultant


Whether managing record-breaking fund development events, founding her own social enterprise, or working for international development projects in East Africa, Brett Trainor's life has always been about service before self. She brings this commitment to her role at Viewscape, where she manages the client journey from start to finish, always honed-in on how to provide exceptional value for Viewscape's clients.

Brett is the Co-Founder and a Director of Mountain Mentors, a renowned backcountry mentorship program that has facilitated over 200 relationships for self-identified female leaders in British Columbia. She is passionate about growing relationships and building community, as well as speaking publicly about creating more inclusive outdoor spaces.

Brett holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University and a BS Global Resource System (Hons) from the University of British Columbia. 

Travis Streb | Lead Consultant


In a word, he’s a coach whose practice is embodied leadership. This is about taking the abstract (presence, communication, leadership, decisiveness, relationships) and making it real through action. There’s a process to this but it’s never a straight line…

Travis works with his clients to help them define how they would like to be in the world (and at work!) and what they would like to achieve. He then works with them to make that come to life through their actions. This isn’t complicated - what is complicated is bringing this to life outside of our thoughts.

This is where Travis comes in. He’s your humble guide in the process of taking the concept of leadership and making it real… for you. He’s not a guru or an evangelist. Instead, he’s the coach in your corner helping you navigate through it all.  One of the ways he does this is through his role as host of the Men at Work Podcast. Prior to partnering with Viewscape, Travis has worked most recently as Senior Associate at The Humphrey Group, and a Manager at BC Hydro.

Travis is also a father, husband, recovering bike racer, kundalini yoga addict, and fellow human. He holds a MA Economics from The University of Denver, and a BA Economics from Simon Fraser University.